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Dip Powder Nails: Benefits, Drawback, Lifespan and More

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Review By: Yukie Natori, Beauty Consultant

In recent years, the use of dip powder nails in the United States has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. Dip powder nails offer a long-lasting and durable alternative to normal nail paint. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 2010s that people started taking note of the trend, and since then, its popularity has only grown. The application of dip powder nails is quick and simple, and the finished look lasts longer than standard nail paint does without requiring as much maintenance. This has contributed to the trend’s widespread popularity.

Anyone can now have salon-quality dipped nails without having to leave the comfort of their own home, thanks to the introduction of at-home dip powder kits. The current trend for intricate nail art and one-of-a-kind manicure designs may have contributed to the rise in popularity of dip powder nails.

What are Dip Powder Nails?

Dip powder nails are a type of nail augmentation that include coating the natural nails with a powder in order to make them more durable and long-lasting. After applying a base coat to the nails, they are “dipped” into the powder after being coated with the base coat. After the material has been built up to the required thickness, the finishing coat is painted on.

Dip powder nails are promoted as a long-lasting alternative to traditional gel or acrylic nails, and there is a specific solution that can be used to remove them rather than filing them down. This solution can be found online.

What are the Benefits of Dip Powder Nails

To get the look of “dip powder nails,” one must first apply a base coat, then dip their nails into a powder, and finally seal the powder with a top coat. This process must be repeated three times to acquire the desired effect. The following are some of the benefits of utilizing dip powder nails:


Dip powder manicures, on the other hand, can last for up to four weeks without chipping or flaking, in contrast to typical acrylic or gel manicures.


If your fingernails are fragile or have cracked, you should think about getting a dip powder manicure so that you can fortify them.


Dip powder nails, on the other hand, don’t have any apparent odour at all, in contrast to traditional acrylic nails, which can have a harsh chemical smell.

Easy to remove

In contrast to typical acrylic nails, which must first be soaked in acetone before they can be removed, dip powder nails may be removed quickly and easily with just a file and some acetone.

If you have sensitive skin or an allergy to any of the components in the dip powder, getting these nails done is not a smart decision, despite the fact that they look amazing. It is important to keep in mind that utilizing dip powder nails on a regular basis has the potential to cause the nails to become brittle over time.

What are the Drawback of Dip Powder Nails

Unfortunately, there are certain drawbacks to using dip powder on your nails.

  • The time required to apply and cure each subsequent layer once it has been applied might be rather substantial.
  • It could be difficult to remove them because they need to be soaked in acetone for an extended period of time.
  • The acetone that is used to get rid of the dip powder is known to be harsh on the nails and may even cause damage to them.
  • When compared to ordinary gel or acrylic nails, they are more likely to chip and call for touch-ups on a more frequent basis.
  • The chemicals found in dip powder have the potential to aggravate or adversely react with the skin of certain individuals.
  • There is a possibility that a single bottle of this nail polish will be more expensive than the typical bottle of nail polish.
  • Those individuals who want their nails to have a more natural appearance should most likely search elsewhere.
  • It’s probable that those with brittle nails or nails that are easily broken shouldn’t use them.

The Typical Lifespan of Dip Powder Nails

The typical lifespan of a set of powder-dipped nails is between two and three weeks; however, with proper care and maintenance, this time frame can be extended to last for up to four weeks. The longevity of a set of dip powder nails can be affected by a variety of factors, including the quality of the materials used, the experience level of the technician, and the individual’s day-to-day activity.

It’s possible that your dip powder nails won’t last as long if you engage in a lot of hard labour or if your line of work requires you to spend a lot of time with your hands in water. The length of time that artificial nails last is not only determined by the quality of the nails when they are first purchased, but also by how well the nails are maintained. When performed at regular intervals, maintenance such as fills or touch-ups can significantly increase the durability of the nails.

Are Dip Powder Nails Risk-Free?

Dip powder nails are not only risk-free to get done if done by a trained expert with the appropriate tools and education, but they also look pretty lovely when done correctly. However, before using nail enhancements, it is essential to make a cost-benefit analysis and consider the potential risks involved.

Those who are allergic to the chemicals in the dip powder may have skin irritation or other adverse effects due to those components. In addition, the application and removal of dip powder nails might cause damage to your natural nails if you are not careful.

The Food and Drug Administration has placed a ban on the use of MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) in nail products due to the potential damage it poses to natural nails. The acrylic powder that is used to make dip powder nails typically contains MMA. MMA was once utilised in numerous kinds of dip powder, however these days EMA (ethyl methacrylate) is used instead because it can be applied to nails without causing damage.

You should get a patch test done first in order to ensure that the nail technician and the salon are using reputable and high-quality supplies before getting a full set of dip powder nails done. In order to keep your natural nails in good health, you will need to get fill-ins or touch-ups on a regular basis and pay close attention to the aftercare instructions that are supplied.

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails

When compared to regular nail polish, removing dip powder nails can take a little more time and effort. In order to help you get rid of your dip powder nails, here are some guidelines:

  • To get started, break the seal on the dip powder by filing down the top layer. This will allow you to use the powder. If you execute this step first, the acetone will have an easier time penetrating the nails and will have better results.
  • Cotton balls that have been soaked in acetone should be positioned on each individual nail.
  • Wrapping the cotton balls in aluminium foil will prevent them from slipping off your fingers while you work.
  • Soak the fingernails for twenty to thirty minutes, or until the powder used for the dip has become more fluid.
  • The remaining dip powder can be removed by first removing the foil and cotton balls, and then using a wooden orange stick or a cuticle pusher to gently push it off. This should be done in a circular motion. Proceed to Step 2 if it’s required.
  • Washing your hands thoroughly will remove any leftover acetone that may be on them.
  • Restoring moisture to the nails can be accomplished by massaging moisturising oil or lotion into the cuticles and nails of the affected hand.

Because dip powder nails are more difficult to remove than conventional nail polish, it is strongly recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional if you ever decide that you need to remove them. Because the natural nails could be harmed if the artificial nails are left in acetone for an excessive amount of time, it is important to follow the instructions very carefully.

Dip Powder Nails vs. Gel Nails

When it comes to improving the look of your nails, you have a few options: either dip powder nails or gel nails.

“Dip powder nails” entail dipping nails in liquid before applying powder. UV light cures powder and liquid layers. The nails are polished after the last coat. Dipped powder nails last 2–3 weeks, but with care, they can last 4 weeks.

Gel nails use a gel-like lacquer and a UV lamp to improve nails. To finish, a base coat, two gel polish layers, and a top coat are applied and cured under light. Get new gel nails every two to three weeks.

Their feel differs. Dip powder nails are matte and more porous than gel nails. Dip powder nails are cheaper than gel manicures but chip and peel faster. Gel nails can be moulded to look more real and come in more colours and styles.

Elimination differentiates them. Using a file and acetone to remove dip powder nails can damage natural nails and take too long. Gel polish can be removed by filing and buffing the nail or soaking it in acetone, which is gentler.

Gel or dip powder? That depends on your choices, lifestyle, and budget. Before deciding, consult an expert.

5 Best At-Home Dip Powder Kits

Using one of the many different at-home dip powder kits that are currently on the market, you may be able to get a manicure that is on par with what you would get at a salon. Some typical options are as follows:

Kiara Sky Dip Powder: This kit comes complete with everything you need to make a dip powder manicure, including a base coat, activator, powder, and top coat. In addition, there is a detailed instruction manual included.

SNS Dipping Powder: With the help of this kit, you will be able to achieve a dip powder manicure because it comes with all of the tools that you will need as well as a wide variety of powder colours.

Revel Nail Dip Powder: In addition to a base coat, an activator, powder, and a top coat, this kit also comes with an in-depth instruction booklet.

Glitterbels Dip Powder: This all-inclusive package comes with a base coat, an activator, a powder, and a top coat, and it has a variety of options, including glitter and holographic tones, in addition to many other possibilities.

Gelish Dip Powder: This comprehensive set comes with a base coat, activator, powder, and top coat in a wide range of colours, some of which feature glitter and holographic tones.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I do dip powder nails at home?

It is possible to perform dip powder nails at home, but you will need the appropriate tools and supplies, and you will need to follow all of the relevant hygiene and safety rules. Before attempting dip powder nails at home, it is best to have some past experience with improving your nails in any capacity.

Can I paint over dip powder nails?

It is possible to paint over dip powder nails; however, it is essential to use a high-quality nail polish that is chip-resistant and to carefully prepare the nails before painting. It is also recommended that you avoid using nail paint remover on dip powder nails because it may cause the nails to chip or peel. This is because the remover dissolves the top layer of the nail polish.

Are there any side effects of dip powder nails?

The use of dip powders can cause nails to become dry and brittle, and certain individuals may have negative reactions to the products’ components due to their reaction to the substances. These unfavourable consequences can be lessened if a high-quality product that does not include any chemicals is utilised, as well as if the nails are cared for properly.

Can dip powder nails damage my natural nails?

If not applied or managed properly, dip powder nails might harm the natural nails. Avoid filing or buffing the natural nails too much and make sure they are properly prepared before application. It’s also crucial to remember to remove the dip powder nails correctly after use and not leave them on for too long.

Can I get a manicure after getting dip powder nails?

After waiting the required amount of time (usually between 24 and 48 hours), a manicure can be conducted after having dip powder applied. It is also not recommended to use nail paint remover on dip powder nails because doing so can cause the nails to become damaged.

Can I soak my hands in water with dip powder nails?

To ensure that the nails have fully set and to avoid damaging them in any way, it is essential to refrain from submerging your hands in water for the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours after receiving dip powder nails. After that, you are free to submerge your hands in water, but keep in mind that the nails might not hold up as well as they would if you had avoided getting them wet.

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