Janaya Wecker

Nail Technician

Janaya Wecker is an accomplished nail technician with over 10 years of expertise. She specializes in manicures/pedicures/nail art/etc. Janaya has trained with industry leaders and keeps up with the latest trends. She strives to give each client a memorable and delightful experience with her attention to detail and use of high-quality products.

Nerisha Penrose

Beauty Specialist

Meet beauty specialist and hair stylist Nerisha Penrose. Nerisha has over 5 years of expertise creating beautiful, customized hairstyles. Nerisha excels at all hairstyles, from traditional cuts to elaborate updos. She learns new hairstyles from top stylists. Nerisha makes her clients feel gorgeous in a comfortable, fun environment. Get your dream beauty transformation with Nerisha immediately.

Olivia Dancer


Olivia Dancer is an esthetician with 10 years of experience. Olivia specializes in facials, peels, microdermabrasion, and more. She uses only the best products to assist clients have the greatest skin. Olivia relaxes and rejuvenates clients with her soft touch and customer satisfaction.

Thomas Barwick

Master Barber and Grooming Specialist

“Meet Thomas Barwick, a master barber and grooming specialist who loves men’s beauty. After 10 years, Thomas has perfected men’s haircuts, styling, and grooming. Thomas knows men’s grooming from classic cuts to new styles and stays current. Thomas makes clients feel at home with his attention to detail and customer service.

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