39 Eye-Catching Star Nails Ideas to Try in 2023

The use of stars in nail art is one of my personal favorites. This look is ideal for the winter holidays as well as any other event where you want to project an ethereal and merry air about you.

In addition, the nails in the shape of stars are an enjoyable way to liven up any outfit. There is a star nail art design for every event, from simple glitter to complicated astrological patterns.

The following is a selection of some of my most favorite designs for star-themed nail art that is currently available. These are some of the most cutting-edge manicures we could find, and they are sure to set you apart from the rest.

1. Nails with a Moon and Stars Design

2. Starry and Dotted Purple Nails

3. All-Purpose Stars

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4. Star-Stenciled Fingernails

5. Nails with Milky Silver Stars

6. Nails with Sequin Stars

7. White Tips with Gray Stars

8. Rainbow Stars Nails

9. Starry Pink Nails

10. Nails with Silver Foil Stars

11. Silver Star on Purple Nail Paint

12. Hearts and Pastel Starry Sky

13. Small Black Stars

14. Stars on Black Paint Nails

15. French Nail Tips with Glitter Stars

16. Galaxy Deep Purple Star Nails

17. Pink Nail With Nite Green Stars

18. Shinny Pink Star Nails

19. Gradient Blue Star Nails

20. Fairy Stars and Moon Nail Art

21. Pink, Black, and White Star Nails

22. Colorful Star Nails

23. Black Stars on Green Nail

24. Pink Stars on Milky Pastel Nails

25. Rainbow Nails With Black Stars

26. Galaxy Purple Star Nails

27. Matte Outline Stars Nails

28. Bright and Glow Star Nails

29. Textured Ruby Stars Nail

30. Dark Blue Night Sky Nails

31. Star Spangled Manic

32. Starred And Striped Nails

33. Sugared Stars And Stripes

34. Stars And Stripes Basket Weave Nail Art

35. Duo-Chrome Star Nails

36. Glitter Green Christmas Nail Art With Gold Stars

37. Dark Skies Manicure

38. Neon Stars Manicure

39. Black Hearts And Stars Nail

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