The Dos and Don’ts of Eyebrow Slits: What to Know Before You Try

Eyebrow slits are thin vertical lines cut through the eyebrow hair to give them a more distinctive and edgy appearance. They’re all the rage in the beauty world right now, especially among the young and in the rap and urban areas.

The slit eyebrow fashion, which was first seen in the 1980s, has recently seen a comeback in favour. It’s seen by many as a way to highlight one’s uniqueness and character through one’s outward presentation.

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There are a few standard rules to follow while thinking about obtaining eyebrow slits:

Do: Research the Trend

It’s important to learn as much as possible about the eyebrow slit trend before deciding to get them done. To explain, these are the reasons why:

Understand the Trend

It is recommended that you check into the fad in order to learn more about eyebrow slits, including how they are made and what they resemble. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the style is a good fit for you.

Find Inspiration

If you want to know what to do for your eyebrow slits, doing some research on the fashion trend might help. There is a wide variety of aesthetic options available, and viewing some samples can help you zero in on the exact style and feel that best suits your needs.

Avoid Mistakes

Avoiding rookie errors like ordering slits that are too wide or too close together is another benefit of researching the trend. Get the best possible results from your eyebrow slits by familiarizing yourself with the trend’s dos and don’ts.

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Don’t: Do It Yourself

It’s crucial to know the risks before attempting to make eyebrow slits at home, despite how enticing it may seem. To explain, these are the reasons why:

Risk of injury

Eyebrow hair removal is a delicate technique that calls both skill and accuracy. Doing it yourself can be uncomfortable if you accidentally damage the skin or hair follicles, which can cause scars or infection.

Risk of mistakes

Shaving a few lines through your eyebrow hair is not the only way to create slits. A steady hand, an eye for design, and a grasp of the subtleties of the trend are all necessary. Without this knowledge, blunders are common and often difficult to fix.

Risk of dissatisfaction

Creating attractive eyebrow slits on your own may not turn out as well as a professional job. In the end, the outcome may not be to your liking, and that’s upsetting and disheartening.

Do: Consider Your Face Shape

Nowadays, it’s all the rage to shave thin vertical lines through your eyebrows for a distinctive appearance. Although though split eyebrows are a cool and trendy style, it’s crucial to think about your face shape before getting them done to make sure they’ll look good.

Eyebrow Slits for Varied Face Shapes

  • Oval face: If you have an oval face, you’re in luck because this face shape tends to be the most versatile when it comes to eyebrow slits. You can experiment with different placements and styles, but generally, slits that follow the natural arch of your eyebrow will be the most flattering.
  • Round face: To balance out a round face, slits that are placed towards the ends of the eyebrows can elongate the face and create a more angular look. Avoid slits that are too close to the center of the eyebrows as they can make the face appear even rounder.
  • Square face: If you have a square face, slits that are angled and diagonal can soften the sharp angles of your face and add a bit of edge to your look.
  • Heart-shaped face: Slits that are placed towards the center of the eyebrows can balance out a heart-shaped face by drawing attention to the center of the face.
  • Long face: To add width to a long face, slits that are placed towards the center of the eyebrows can create the illusion of a shorter face. Avoid slits that are too close to the ends of the eyebrows as they can make the face appear even longer.

Understanding Your Facial Shape and Consulting a Professional

Before having eyebrow slits, you should know your face shape because their placement and style might affect how they seem. An esthetician or cosmetic artist can help you find the optimum placement and style for your face shape.

Professionals can also assure symmetrical, safe, and hygienic slits. Home eyebrow slits can cause wounds, infections, and scars.

In conclusion, eyebrow slits can be a fun, edgy accent to your look, but consider your face shape first. Professionals can assure safe, hygienic slits and the greatest outcomes.

Don’t: Overdo It

One obvious danger of this trend is going overboard with incisions in the eyebrows. Too many slits, especially if they’re too wide apart, might make your face look unbalanced. A few reasons why less is typically more when it comes to this trend:

  1. Unnatural appearance: A less-than-flattering unnatural look could result from cutting too many or too large of incisions. Even more so if the slits aren’t strategically placed to flatter your face.
  2. Difficulty growing back: If you shave off too much of your eyebrows, they may never come back properly. If you shave or trim your hair too closely to the skin, you may permanently damage the hair follicles and end up with uneven regrowth or no regrowth at all.
  3. Trend may fade: Eyebrow slits may eventually go out of style just like any other fashion trend. When a fashion trend fades, it might be challenging to update your look if you have too many or too large of slits.

Do: Understand the Maintenance

When deciding to get eyebrow slits, it is crucial to learn about the care they require. Here are some tips for maintaining clean and well-groomed slits, as well as an explanation of why such maintenance is so crucial:

  1. Keep the slits clean: In order to avoid infection and speed healing, it is crucial to keep the slits clean. Gently wash the area along the slits with soap and water or a mild cleaner. Scrubbing too vigorously or using harsh chemicals can be irritating to the skin and should be avoided.
  2. Groom the area regularly: Keep the skin surrounding your slits neat and tidy, just like you would your eyebrows. Remove any hairs that don’t belong and then direct them with a spoolie brush.
  3. Touch-up the slits regularly: Perhaps every few weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows, you’ll need to go in and touch up the slits. This will aid in shape preservation and slow the spread of the slits.
  4. Avoid touching the slits: If you want to prevent infection, you shouldn’t put your hands near the slits. You should clean your hands thoroughly before touching the region.

Don’t: Make Permanent Changes

One should exercise caution before committing to a permanent eyebrow solution like tattooing or microblading, as these procedures are not always reversible and may not work for everyone. There are drawbacks to making changes that are permanent, which is why temporary hair removal methods could be preferable.

  1. Risk of infection: When the skin is broken during permanent procedures like tattooing or microblading, infection is a real possibility. Even if you do your research and choose a qualified professional, there is always some danger involved.
  2. Changes in facial features: Permanently altering our eyebrows may not be a good idea because our looks change as we get older and the results may not be as appealing. This is especially the case if the slits in your eyebrows have an unflattering form for your face.
  3. Limited flexibility: Alterations that are made permanently are, well, permanent. It might be challenging, if not impossible, to restore your eyebrows if you decide you no longer want slits in them.

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