5 Best Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia

We’ve researched over 50 tattoo shops in Philadelphia, and out of these, we selected 5 best and most popular tattoo shops in the city. We selected them based on their history, complaints, ratings, reviews, cost, customer satisfaction, etc. Our research team used more than 50 such key points to make this list.

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1. No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo


If you’re searching for the best Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia then no one is better than No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo at this time. No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo was first started in March of 2001 contributing workmanship and amazing piercings alongside tattoos. Here, they offer both male and female tattoo artists and piercers working at the most elevated levels of their calling. All of their tattooers work in many styles and they can offer an enormous assortment of styles and specialists to look over. 

This tattoo shop is licensed through the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and all piercers at this shop are individuals which implies they likewise give the best of adornments and in an assortment of styles and metals. Come make a trip and visit us to make your fantasies materialise.

Every one of the craftsmen at No Ka Oi are probably the most innovative specialists in the business – all while rehearsing spotless and sterile inking. You can see a portion of their work as well as learn about them by visiting their official website.

Therefore, in the event that you are intrigued by a novel tattoo or penetrating experience or regardless of whether you’re hoping to add to your current body art, or you’re a newcomer searching for your first piece, stop in to No Ka Oi and let them help you.

Address: 610 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone: (215) 925-1766

Open Hours: Sun – Thu (12 – 10 pm), Fri – Sat (12 pm – 12 am)

Website: http://www.nokaoitikitattoo.com

  • Tattooing
  • Piercing

Riley Kwortnik


My friends and I had the BEST tattoo experiences here. My two friends were quite nervous about getting their first tattoos and the staff was so warm and welcoming. We had so much fun and the work is top quality. If I could give all of the employees more than 5 stars on this review I would.

Ashlyn Cancellieri


Walked in and got 2 tattoos same day, and I am so very pleased with them! The staff were amazing as well, very friendly and kind! Definitely recommend getting tattooed here πŸ‘

Idarose Massey


I have personally know Sam since she was an apprentice and she has only improved in every aspect of her job since. Sam is very professional, precise and compassionate when she is working with clients. Her technique is well honed and she always makes her clients feel comfortable while she works. As someone who has seen multiple piercers Sam’s work in minimally painful and always spot on. She’s the only one I trust with my body modification!

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2. Seven Swords Tattoo Company


Seven Swords Tattoo Company, Philadelphia is situated on the Frankford Ave Arts Corridor in Fishtown/EKN Philadelphia. This is a shop that was recently possessed and set up in 2014 by Myke Chambers.

They are nothing similar to any average tattoo shop you might hope to coincidentally find anyplace. Seven Swords Tattoo Company is completely stuffed via painstakingly chosen and gifted, balanced, proficient tattooers. They can give a wide scope of excellent fine art of all various styles right available to you. Here, they grandstand a huge choice of delightful glimmer sheets to choose artwork from, and are additionally able to make totally hand crafts to oblige their customers.

At Seven Swords Tattoo Company, they not just invest heavily in furnishing you with excellent tattoos, yet additionally in having the option to do as such in a spotless, inviting, and peaceful climate. Around here at SSTC, they will forever endeavour to give their customers the most critical and agreeable tattoo experience conceivable. Also, they hold inking in the most noteworthy respect, and live to furnish you with wonderful fine art that you can wear everlastingly proudly.

Address: 2580 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone: (267) 319-1910

Open Hours: Sun – Thu (12-8 pm), Fri – Sat (12-9 pm)

Website: https://www.sevenswordstattoocompany.com

  • Tattooing
  • Custom Designs
  • Traditional Tattoos

Myke Chambers


Myke Chambersis a genuine apprentice. His tattoo roots can be followed back to the mid 90’s underground rock scene, venerating troublemaker and periphery craftsmen that were found on the edges of society.

During his adolescence, Chambers tried to be a modeler, continually drawing horizons and cityscapes with outrageous accuracy, however his vocation way changed when he played out his first novice tattoo at age 12.

Christian La’Syone


Christian began inking in the spring of 2017 as a sophomore in school. He moved on from Arcadia University in 2019 with a BFA in printmaking. Christian tattoos in fineline and conventional blackwork, and draws impact from vintage delineation, jail symbolism, and history. He and his accomplice live in Roxborough with their feline named Sassy.

Keith Verrico


Keith Verrico is a craftsman from South Jersey who started working behind the counters of tattoo shops in 2010 and began to tattoo in 2013 at a road shop in Woodstown, NJ as a student. He appreciates working in various styles yet favors customary tattoos and working in shading. Keith started working at Seven Swords in 2020 and is accessible for arrangements or walk-ins. He invests the majority of his free energy dealing with old fashioned vehicles and pursuing around his three canines.

Hunter Graves


Tracker began inking when he was 21 in Doylestown, PA. He worked at a stroll in look for the vast majority of his vocation and is eager to tattoo more illustrative symbolism. Open to anything you need to do however inclines toward scarce difference dark and dim, conventional Japanese and American customary interpretations.

Makayla Lulevitch


Makayla started inking at 20 subsequent to passing on Tyler School of Art to seek after creative work of her own. With continuously being innovative since early on, this loans to her adoration for making tattoos that are illustrative, tasteful, and striking. Makayla likes to place her own innovative twist on the exemplary American Traditional tattoos that you’re utilized to. She particularly prefers to tattoo creatures, blossoms, and centerfolds. Email her with your thoughts for something one of a kind for its wearer.

Doug Hand


Doug has been in the business beginning around 2000, so he’s old. He’ll tattoo any style, however favors neo conventional or an illustrative methodology. He lives in Fishtown with his better half and two Frenchies.


Matt Papa


Highly highly recommend! This is my second time getting tattooed by Kieth. If you are looking for impeccable, top notch quality tattooing then this shop is the place and Keith is your guy! He absolutely kills traditional tattoos. Very professional shop and very personable people. This shop is the spot and you will definitely walk out the door happier then when you came in!

Anthony Daniele


I only had a few days back in town on leave from the Army and Keith Verrico was able to set aside two days to start a leg sleeve with me. He did an Incredible job and worked long hours both days to get as much work as he could get done in that time. The tattoos came out better than I could have ever imagined. Keith is the man and I will be going back to him for the rest of my tattoos. The shop is super professional and all the people are awesome. I’d recommend the shop to anyone. Awesome place and thanks again Keith!

Morgan Schaefer


I LOVE Seven Swords Tattoo Company. I scheduled with Reece Farness and he did an amazing job! The process was smooth, the prices were fair, the shop was extremely clean, and everyone was very friendly and professional. Reece took my funky tattoo idea and executed it exactly how I had envisioned it in my mind. He was kind, flexible, diligent, and overall very talented. I would recommend this shop to anyone and I will definitely be back in the future!

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3. Frequency Tattoo Company


If you’re not interested in the above two tattoo shop options in Philadelphia city then turn to Frequency Tattoo Company. This is a private tattoo shop in East Falls, Philadelphia. Here, they are right now offering tattoo and body piercing services. Frequency Tattoo Company made the way for its fresh out of the box new office in March of 2014. From that point forward, Frequency has kept a promise to the most elevated potential norms of inking greatness, clinical-level cleanliness, and client assistance all at a reasonable cost, in an agreeable and well disposed climate.

Frequency Tattoo Company is a completely custom studio, which means there are no normalised layouts, making each tattoo genuinely unique. Flexible and skilled specialists John Howie, Anna Sylvan, and Liz Glitz work with every customer to make a novel piece, cautiously considering taste and arrangement, all while keeping up with the trustworthiness of the client’s unique thought.

Frequency isn’t just an in-and-out tattoo shop; it’s a promise to masterfulness, local area, and the client, continually endeavouring to set new industry principles.

Address: 4038 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

Phone: (267) 331-8804

Open Hours: Mon – Sat (11 am – 7 pm), Sun (Closed)

Website: http://frequencytattoo.com

  • Piercings
  • Tattoos
  • American Traditional
  • Neo-Traditional

Anna Sylvan


Anna has been inking beginning around 2015. She went to Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Delaware, and Juniata College where she studied Wildlife Conservation and concentrated on zoology, herbal science, and life structures.
Anna has practical experience in illustrative shading tattoos, most frequently natural delineation and creature plans. In any case, she has insight in all styles of tattoo craftsmanship, and appreciates escaping her usual range of familiarity and taking on testing projects.

Whenever she’s not working, she appreciates playing with cosmetics, and finding out about witchy rehearses like tarot and herbalism. Her inclinations incorporate folklore, perusing, film, and felines

Liz Glitz


Liz has degrees in Advertising Design and Industrial Design, yet inking is the place where she tracked down her energy. Liz started her tattoo vocation in the spring of 2012 and has been fostering her very own style from that point onward. Her emphasis is on neo-conventional and elaborate tattoos, as well as extravagant custom contents. She loves to make anything ornamental, fantastical, witchy and additionally magnificent. Outside of inking, Liz loves her felines, music, nature, post dance, and rainbow glossy things!

John Howie


With a fine arts pedigree, John Howie has been working as a professional artist since 1996. After tattooing for over a decade, John opened his own studio, Frequency Tattoo Company, in 2014. Fueled by a genuine passion for tattooing, John’s strength lies in his versatilityβ€”from American traditional to delicate portraiture, John delivers. Committed to both his craft and clientele, John’s work has been featured in Philadelphia Weekly, Revolver Magazine, and Apple Jacks Studio.

Gwen ‘VDH’ van den Heever


Gwen VDH got a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Painting/Drawing from SUNY New Paltz in 2017. They are expertly prepared in many various mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, and computerized programming like Photoshop and Procreate. They bring more than 15 years of creative information to each tattoo.
A veteran of independent representation, Gwen is primely centered around consumer loyalty. They invest wholeheartedly in their specialty, and blowing away the client’s assumptions.

Dom Caswell


Dom is Frequency’s very first piercer! He has been puncturing for right around 10 years and is accessible Tuesdays – Saturdays. Stop by during shop hours for requests or set up an arrangement through Dom’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/pierced_by_dom


Paula Abrams


Frequency is staffed by some of the most kind, understanding, and accepting people in the area. Their appointment process is seamless, the interior is clean and organized, and staff is extremely knowledgeable. Anna is just a gentle soul that pours her heart into every art piece that she creates. All artists are very talented people!

Sadie Stehr


I am newbie when it comes to tattoos, and have only had bad experiences at shops so far except at Frequency Tattoo! Gwen was amazing, and as a young female, I felt heard and respected the entire time. Highly recommend this shop for newbies. Will definitely be going back!

Maxwell Vlam


The company has been wonderful from my first tattoo to my first nose piercing. Everyone is kind, patient, and professional. I cannot recommend Dom, the piercer, enough. I was a bit nervous about getting my nostril pierced, but it was done before I knew it and not painful at all!

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4. Art Machine Productions


Art Machine Productions was begun by proprietor and craftsman Tim Pangburn as a private studio in the Fishtown neighbourhood of Philadelphia. Represent considerable authority in American Traditional, Neotraditional, Black and Gray, New school, Coverup tattoos, lettering, Japanese, and mathematical style inking. AMP likewise has a craftsman explicitly committed to restorative inking including eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, and more. In 2011, the studio was moved to it’s present area, a 2700+ sq.ft. change over stockroom worked in 1865, situated on the now clamouring Frankford Avenue Arts Corridor.

The reason behind Art Machine Productions is basic: to give a climate to the craftsman to flourish and become both their abilities and customer base, all while giving remarkable client support to their benefactors. From the beginning, they’ve zeroed in vigorously on giving an unparalleled encounter by giving customers a protected, loosened up climate with well disposed, gifted tattoo artists.

Theywork to give all styles of inking, regardless of whether it’s customary, neotraditional, new school, dark and dim, authenticity, blackwork, or representations, and so on and they make it happen. In addition to the fact that they want to offer these types of assistance to their customers, yet they additionally accept that artists working with specialists of various styles have an extraordinary arrangement to add to one another as far as learning, development, and fostering an individual style.

Address: 1345 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone: (267) 239-2724

Open Hours: Sun – Mon (12-8 pm)

Website: http://www.artmachineproductions.com

  • Tattoo Shop
  • Tattoos
  • Black And Grey
  • Black And Grey Tattoos
  • Blackwork Tattoos
  • Cover Ups
  • Custom Piece
  • Custom Tattoo Designs
  • Custom Work
  • In Person Consultations
  • Lash Enhancement
  • Permanent Makeup Artist
  • Portrait Tattoos
  • Powder Eyebrows
  • Saline Removal
  • Traditional Tattoos
  • Virtual Consultations

1. J. TRIP


J. Trip is a second-generation tattoo artist. When he’s not traveling the country tattooing, he’s right here at AMP! His preferred subject matter comes from the natural world, be it flowers, other plants, animals, or landscapes. He’s comfortable working in most any style, and has yet to find a cover-up he didn’t enjoy tackling.


For appointments or consultations, please contact this artists directly. Find him on Instagram, @JTrip360, or email him at jtriptattoo@gmail.com



Scott’s your ordinary old uncovered whiskery tattoo artist who has a weakness for everything Disney and a broad information on culinary wording. His favored style is authenticity in both shading or dark and dim.

To book straightforwardly with Scott, kindly visit: https://scott-does-tattoos.square.site Find him on Instagram @scott_does_tattoos or email him at scottdoestattoos@gmail.com



Artist was a escape for him. He is experienced passionate feelings for lettering as a child and he was obsessed!! To the point he was ready to chance his opportunity to make himself clear. He have been earning enough to pay the rent as a artist for quite some time and 16 of it has been inking. His hunger for information won’t ever be extinguished. He is tenacious in making and looking for recent trends to add to him stockpile. Quality and style are at the highest point of him need list!

For arrangements or discussions, kindly contact this tattoo artist straightforwardly. Find him on Instagram for appointments @philfromphilly_ or text him (267) 894-7125



Ivy Boersma-Calhoun is a tattoo artist who has worked in the business beginning around 2009. She can be an adaptable tattoo artist because of her 12 years of involvement, a serious apprenticeship, and her experience as an expert craftsman. Prior to inking she functioned as a cartoon artist for Sesame Place, she has broad experience as a visual fashioner, and surprisingly filled in as an artist for a TV show. She acquired a BFA in Animation from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 2003.

For arrangements or conferences, kindly contact artist straightforwardly. Find her on Instagram @ivylovespugs or visit her site www.ivylovespugs.com



Seth has been inking for more than fourteen years. As of late migrated to Philadelphia from south Florida. While he highly esteems being creatively adequately adaptable to meet any client demand his primary center is strong vivid plans.

For arrangements or meetings, if it’s not too much trouble, contact our specialists straightforwardly. Find Seth on Instagram @sethpulsifertattoosphl or email him straightforwardly sethptattoos@gmail.com


Scott Roberts


Tim is the best! I love his artwork and taste in music. I own tee shirts with his art on them, I bought his published musings, and have several of his original pieces tattooed on me. Fishtown is very nice now, parking is a beast tho. The shop is clean with an industrial look to the interior. Staff are friendly and Tim is awesome to be around.

Mollie Taylor


I recently had a tattoo done by one of the Art Machine’s newer artist, Seth, and he could not have made the experience/tattoo better. Before the appointment, he was extremely communicative and helpful. He did an amazing job with the tattoo itself, but also made the experience overall extremely pleasant. He was kind, attentive and is very talented. I would 100% recommend Seth for any tattoo, especially one with color!

Erica Simonitis


Excellent first tattoo experience with Ivy. Space is clean, they take precautions seriously, and all of the artists have great bedside manner. You could hear other clients absolutely loving their result just as much as I did mine. For custom work and an artist who makes it safe and fun, don’t hesitate to book with Ivy.

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5. Hunter Gatherer Tattoo


The shop is started by Troy Timpel. Troy is a multi-talented and achieved tattoo artist who has worked in the body expressions industry for north of twenty years. He likewise possesses Philadelphia Eddies at 621 S. fourth in the South Philadelphia/Queen Village area. At Hunter Gatherer Tattoo and Piercing, they furnish their clients with great body workmanship services in an expert, spotless and gracious climate. They are pleased to offer all custom work planned only for you by their capable artist.

All of their profoundly qualified staff of tattooers are different to their greatest advantage and contributions of imaginative styles. They hold their shop to the best expectations, endeavoring to offer outstanding support for all clients. They are consistent with all wellbeing and security guidelines and utilize just top-quality expert supplies.

Piercers of this shop utilize clinical grade, proficient, hypoallergenic adornments and materials all through the penetrating system. All methodology are performed physically (no “firearms”) with independently packed away and disinfected single-use needles and supplies. Everybody in their team is authorized with the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health and conforms to yearly OSHA BBP preparing.

Address: 4510 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19139

Phone: (267) 233-7015

Open Hours: Mon – Thu (12 – 8 pm), Fri – Sat (12 – 9 pm), Sun (12 – 6 pm)

Website: http://www.huntergatherertattoo.com


  • Animal Portraits
  • Black Work
  • Custom Work
  • Line Work
  • Quarter Sleeve

Body Piercing Shop

  • Bridge Piercing: $80.00
  • Cartilage Piercing: $60.00
  • Cheek Piercing: $80/cheek, $160 for both
  • Daith Piercing: $90.00
  • Dermal / Surface Piercing: $80.00
  • Eyebrow Piercing: $60.00
  • Genital Piercing: From $150.00
  • Industrial Piercing: $80.00
  • Lip Piercing: $60.00
  • Lobe Piercing: $40/ear, $80 for both
  • Navel Piercing: $60.00
  • Nipple Piercing: $60/each, $120 for both
  • Nose Piercing: $60.00
  • Septum Piercing: $90.00
  • Smiley Piercing: $90.00

1. Mike Munter


Mike is the last craftsman from the shops establishing in 2014. Mike has been expertly inking starting around 2010. He is a balanced handyman and can handle nearly anything you request that he produce.

2. Jeniffer Rahman


Jennifer cut her teeth in Philadelphia road shops, sharpening her abilities and adjusting her portfolio. She is keen on taking on new undertakings. Get in touch with her straightforwardly to be added to her shortlist. Scarce difference herbal pieces, Tibetan craftsmanship, and Blackwork are her top picks. This Southpaw sure can Stipple.

3. Dana Jones


Interminably liking the subtleties of dark and-dim expressions…Natural, conceptual, and mathematical elements. Storybook ideas, sea subjects, and illustrative bug, vegetation, fauna Blackwork, contrast and portraiture

4. Travis James Reiff


From the roads of Las Vegas to the sea shores of Hawaii, Travis is prepared to get to work in West Philly. He’s knowledgeable about all styles, and he’s particularly gifted in new school and neo-conventional inking.

5. Dale Callahan


Philly based, Minnesota conceived street fighter, Dale has been inking expertly beginning around 1999. He spends significant time in different tattoo styles. Following life’s aphorism K.I.S.S. (Keep it straightforward, moronic). His fundamental objective is to have a good time and make rad tattoos.

6. Giovanna Kline


Philadelphia based craftsman known for her line work abilities and blossoms.
Most loved tattoo styles incorporate dark work, illustrative, and conventional.
Giovanna is hoping to widen her portfolio with young lady heads, pet/creature representations, and obviously… more blossoms!


Joseph Pepito


Stopped in to get a nose piercing recently, and Dave was super helpful. I don’t have a lot of piercings, so I was a bit nervous but he was super patient with me, worked quickly and cleanly, made me feel at ease with the process, and I think I paid a very very fair price for his work. I’d highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a piercing and will definitely stop in again if I decide on another one. Thanks!



I only go here for my piercings . Dave answers any and all of my questions. He’s very professional and knows what he is doing he’s always happy and willing to help and explain things. I’m glad I found him

Hayden Henteleff


if you need a piercer in philly plz go to dave at hunter and gatherer tattoo he is genuinely the best i feel so comfortable getting pierced by him and literally none of my piercings from this place so far have had any issues. 10/10 ily dave

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