3 Best Pawn Shops in Chicago

You’ll get to know a lot of pawn shops around the Chicago city. But here in this article, we’re going to tell you about 3 best and most visited pawn shops of all time.

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1. Pawn Chicago

Pawn Chicago

If you’re looking for a pawn shop in Chicago and nearby areas then I think no one is best other than Pawn Chicago. They are here to innovate the 3,000 year old business of pawnbroking by delivering credit differently than anyone else, having unbeatable customer service and creating a 1-of-a-kind atmosphere for their customers. 

They at Pawn Chicago value their customers and employees above all else. Their goal as a team is to work together to provide their community with unbeatable customer service, fair prices and an awesome atmosphere. It is their daily goal to do better work each and every day they are open. 

Pawn Chicago continually strives to improve their  services and the customer’s experience. If it weren’t for you, their loyal customers, they would not be able to pay the bills or put food on the table and they promise to never forget that. Give them a chance with your business and you will not be disappointed. Their success as individuals and as a company is their  customer’s satisfaction.

At Pawn Chicago, they are offering cash loans/credit and loans as low as 5%.

Address: 5604 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60634

Phone: (773) 777-2777

Open Hours: Mon – Sat (9:30 am 6 pm), Sun (Closed)

Website: https://www.pawnchicago.net

2. Chicago Pawners & Jewelers

Chicago Pawners & Jewelers

This is another great place if you want to sell your stuff with the best price. Chicago Pawners & Jewelers located at 2405 W Madison St and operating since 1953. Here they also offering cash loan to its customers. 

Chicago Pawners & Jewelers is a family owned and operated pawn shop that has been serving the people of Chicagoland since 1953. They offer the highest prices paid for gold, platinum, silver & diamond jewelry, watches from Seiko to Rolex and Patek Philippe, coins, designer handbags, guitars and other musical equipment, computers, electronics, antiques and more. Call or email them today for a quote. 

This is one of the biggest and oldest in the pawn and gold buying business. They have built their business and reputation on always treating the customer with fairness, honesty and respect. With over 80 years combined experience in the pawn and jewelry industry, you can rest assured that you will receive the best offer for your items, and will get the best deal around on any items you purchase here. 

Address: 2405 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: (312) 738-1377

Open Hours: Mon – Sat (9 am – 6 pm), Sun (Closed)

Website: http://www.chicagopawners.com

3. Royal Pawn Shop

Royal Pawn Shop

Royal Pawn Shop is a local pawn shop located in the south loop of Chicago. They will buy or give a loan on almost anything of value. They specialize in watches, gold, silver, platinum, coins, electronics, musical instruments and much more. They also offer free parking to their customers. 

Royal Pawn Chicago is the best place in Chicago to sell gold and diamonds. They are the Chicago gold buyer who pays the most for gold. Here they buy gold, diamonds, platinum, silver, scrap gold, broken gold, gold coins, gold bars, unmatched gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold rings, class rings, military rings, silver coins, silver bars, antiques, fine jewelry, luxury watches, flat screen TVs, laptop computers, digital cameras, MP3 players or any items of value.

You can sell your items or get a loan. Royal is Chicago’s biggest and oldest pawn shop. Their family has been in the pawn brokerage business for over 100 years. They always PAY CASH FOR GOLD and valuables.

Address: 428 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: (312) 427-6542

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (9 am – 6 pm) Sat (10 am – 5 pm), Sun (Closed)

Website: http://www.royalpayscash.com

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