Box Braids for Kids: How to Style Them and Keep Them Protected

The use of box braids as a protective hairdo has been commonplace for quite some time. They are especially useful for children since they help to preserve their natural hair from the ravages of heat styling and the elements. Box braids are a great way for kids to exhibit their individuality while also being low-maintenance for parents who are often on the go.

Yet, in order to maintain your child’s box braids appearing clean and healthy, it is essential to provide them with the right care and protection. Everything you need to know about box braids for kids, from preparing the hair to be braided to styling options, maintenance advice, and safe removal techniques, will be covered in this article.

By adhering to these recommendations, you may help your child get the health benefits of this multipurpose protective hairdo without compromising the look or feel of her hair.

Prepping Your Kids Hair for Box Braids

Prepping Your Kids Hair for Box Braids
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Box Braids Prep For Kids

It is vital to prepare your child’s hair by detangling and cutting it before getting box braids done on their hair. Because of this, the process of braiding will be simplified, and any potential damage or breakage will be avoided. In addition to this, it is of the utmost importance to make certain that the scalp of your child is healthy and unaffected by any irritation or inflammation.

Proper Hair Washing And Conditioning For Kids

When you wash and condition your child’s hair, it is essential to use gentle products that will not rob the hair of its natural oils or cause it to become dry. This is especially crucial if you have curly haired children. It is recommended that you wash your child’s hair once every one to two weeks, depending on the type of hair and how active your child is.

When using conditioner, it is essential to pay particular attention to the ends of the hair, as these strands are typically drier and more prone to breakage than the rest of the hair. In order to prevent any buildup of product on the hair, it is essential to give it a thorough rinsing.

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Selecting The Best Extensions For Your Child’s Hair Type

Consider your child’s hair type and texture while selecting the best extensions for their hair. If your child has fine or weak hair, for instance, you may want to select extensions of a lower weight to avoid putting undue stress on her hair.

It is also vital to select extensions that are a close colour and texture match to your child’s original hair. The extensions you purchase should be of high quality to avoid tangling and matting.

Styling Box Braids for Kids

Styling Box Braids for Kids

Box Braid Ponytails, Buns, And Accessories For Kids

When it comes to kid-friendly hairdos, box braids are hard to beat. Box braids can be worn in a variety of unique ways, such as in a ponytail, a bun, a half-up, half-down, or with braided embellishments like beads, ribbons, and colourful threads. Using the braids to make elaborate designs is another enjoyable alternative.

Kids Box Braid Care Products

It is essential to use the appropriate items in order to keep box braids in good health and preserve their attractiveness. A leave-in conditioner that is on the lighter side can be helpful in maintaining the braids’ moisture level and warding against frizz.

In addition, oils like jojoba oil and coconut oil can be utilized to enhance shine and prevent moisture loss in the hair. It is essential to steer clear of items that are dense, since these can lead to buildup and cause the braids to become weighed down.

Protecting Your Child’s Head And Hairline While Box Braiding

While arranging box braids on your child, it is crucial to avoid damaging the scalp and hairline. Hair loss and balding can be caused by putting too much stress on the hairline, so be careful not to pull the braids too tight.

Protecting the hairline and keeping the braids in place can also be accomplished with the use of a scarf or headband. Avoid cuts that could give your kid a headache or make them feel uncomfortable. Damage control is facilitated by taking rests between braiding sessions.

Maintaining Box Braids for Kids

Maintaining Box Braids for Kids
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Cleansing And Moisturizing Box Braids Regularly

Protect the cleanliness and health of your box braids by sticking to a regular cleansing and moisturising routine. At least once a week, use a mild shampoo or other scalp cleanser to remove buildup.

Following washing, a leave-in conditioner or hair oil should be applied to the braids to keep them from becoming dry and brittle. It is also suggested that you use a scalp massager to assist spread the substance out and increase circulation to your scalp.

Box Braid Maintenance For Kids

It is necessary to frequently retouch any loose or frizzy braids in your child’s box braids in order to maintain the braids looking neat and tidy. If you have any flyaways or frizz in your hair, using a very small amount of oil or styling gel might help smooth them down.

Because too much stroking or pulling on the braids might cause them to become damaged or come undone, it is essential to refrain from doing so as much as possible.

Protecting Your Child’s Box Braids While Sleeping

It’s crucial to keep your child’s box braids from getting tangled or frizzy by covering them when they sleep. Before going to bed, try braiding the braids into two enormous braids or a single braid down the back.

The braids will stay put and be less likely to tangle if you do this. A satin or silk bonnet or pillowcase can also be used to protect the braids from the nighttime rubbing that can damage them.

Removing Box Braids for Kids

Removing Box Braids for Kids
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Remove Box Braids Without Damaging Your Child’s Hair

While removing box braids from your child’s hair, it’s important to be patient and delicate to avoid damaging her hair. As a first step, remove the braids by cutting them close to the root, being cautious not to sever any of your child’s hair. Once the braids have been taken out, carefully untangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush.

It’s crucial to avoid rough handling that can damage the hair, such as tugging or pulling. The hair should be washed and conditioned after detangling to get rid of any leftover product residue.

After Box Braids, Hair Care For Kids

It’s crucial to take good care of your child’s hair after removing box braids to reduce the risk of injury or breakage. Maintaining clean, healthy hair requires a consistent maintenance practise that includes washing and conditioning. To assist restore the moisture that was stripped from the hair while it was in braids, a deep conditioning treatment could be in order.

Using heat styling products or wearing your hair in a tight style soon after getting your braids out is also not a good idea because it might damage your hair. It’s also important to give your child’s hair a rest in between styling sessions to keep it healthy and prevent breakage.

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