8 Best Nail Salon in Los Angeles

Girls of L.A. love their nails the same as they love their teddy coats, shoes, and skinny jeans. Finally, nail art and manicure (when they’re decent, at least) are probably the most Instagrammable stuff. But where do the most stylish women in the city of angels go to their color jobs? We put together this list of the best nail salon in Los Angeles. Whether you’re in trouble-free manicure, pointed nail art, or a peaceful salon experience in a β€˜gram-worthy scenery,’ look no more.

The following eight nail salons are loving the same spots in L.A. fashion girls. Here below is a list of the topmost and chief nail bars in Los Angeles. To help you find the best Nail bar you have in Los Angeles. We put our list together based on this rating points slant.

1. Polished Nail Bar

Overall, nail designs are accessible at this one hip Bar forΒ gorgeous ladies. Have a good time at your wedding in stylishness and fashion with Polished Nail Barβ€˜s top nail strategies. Hold style at its most excellent with the standard colors, millennium touches, and superior mix of nail shades sensibly applied by the brilliant nail artists at Polished Nail Bar. Please select from a menu of services and try them instantly and enjoy big deals on your nails.

Services:  Manicure & Pedicure, Nail Enhancement, Facial & Body Wax, Popular Combos, Lashes

Nail Salon Hours:Β Mon – Sat (10 am – 7:30 pm), Sun (10 am – 6 pm)

Phone: (213) 266-0077

Website: https://polisheddtla.com/

2. The Nail Bar

Gorgeousness and nail galore have their place at this very innovative Nail bar of Los Angeles. The Nail Bar is Los Angeles’s great braid and ponytail bar. The crew sees that every guest leaves happy to walk inside and smiles while wearing the best nails around.

This place is a perfect destination for couples to be peaceful, relaxed, and stress-free. They also have an excellent selection of nail designs to leverage lower prices across the nail bar in Los Angeles. Have a super blast in the Nail Bar and enjoy a great day with charming sets of nails.

Services: Nail Services, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Tinting & Eyelash Extension, Therapheutic Massage, Facial

Nail Salon Hours:Β Mon – Sat (9 am – 7 pm), Sun (9 am – 6 pm)

Phone: (213) 988-8886

Website: http://www.nailbardtla.com/

3. Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique

This Nail Salon of Los Angeles lets you grab a jump on a colorful evening for your nails. You can get an overall celebratory look at this family-owned spa and boutique using the most modern services and more modifications to prettify your nails.

Every single quantity of beads, nail color, and stickers added to your nails show the best formations represent at the moment. Not simply does the most artistic team can fulfill this, but these motivating strategies are made reasonable and low-priced for you to appreciate. Now wear the whole set of nails on a particular day.

Services: Manicure, Pedicure, Eyelash, Lash, Europian Facial, Waxing, Nail Enhancement

Nail Salon Hours:Β Mon – Fri (10 am-8 pm), Sat & Sun (10 am-7 pm)

Phone: (323) 549-9866

Website: http://luxenailboutique.com/

4. Nail Club LA

This Nail Bar of Los Angeles provides a full-service nail salon with various facilities and a mind-blowing atmosphere of the salon. This nail salon is a leading destination for all nail fans. Nail Club LA uses only the highest products and naturally informed ingredients for fashioning innovative nail arts. They also have high-end resolutions to create a cultured outcome.

Services: Reflexology, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Body Massage, Facials, and Eyelash Extensions

Nail Salon Hours:Β Mon – Sat (10 am – 7 pm), Tue – Wed (10 am – 8 pm), Thu – Fri (10 am – 10 pm), Sun (9 am – 6 pm)

Phone: (310) 848-9760

Website: https://www.vagaro.com/nailclubla/

5. Nail Place

Realize a unique break in a Los Angeles nail bar. The Nail Place salon is a world-class nail spa if you want to look like a star on a special event or your day of the wedding. This salon’s packages and offers come in affordable with alternatives of massage, pedicure, facial, manicure, scalp therapy, and shampoo.

This salon is a hot, ceremonial breakout for the most lively, radiance, and new nail colors. The customer service of Nail Place is outstanding, with a passionate and honest class from a team of specialists. Feel stylish nails at just your fingertips.

Office Hours: Mon, Wed & Thu (9 am –12 pm & 2–5 pm), Tue (9 am – 12 pm), Fri (9 am – 1 pm), Sat & Sun (Closed)

Services: Manicure, Pedicure, Facials, Nail Art, Waxing, Gel Art

Phone: (213) 346-9791

Website: http://www.nailplace-la.com/

6. Daravey’s Nail Salon

This Nail salon of Los Angeles presents facilities for the art of nails, facials, and waxing. They have varied facilities using the most excellent products in their acts. The products which are all used in the salon are certified to be harmless for the customers.

Additionally, they offer a proper therapy process for the hands and feet. Services of this salon are presented at the most inexpensive charges. Furthermore, their services contain nail repair, manicure, and pedicure. They also offer wax for full hands, eyebrows, full legs, and swimsuit parts.

Nail Salon Hours: Tue – Fri (10 am – 7 pm), Sat (9 am – 5 pm), Sun & Mon (Closed)

Phone: (424) 290-0367

Website: https://daraveys-nail-salon.business.site/

7. Twin Nails And Lovely Lashes

Co-stars and brilliant salon artists are playing with minimalists designs and manicures. Their trained nail performers generate their work of genius with excellent products. This nail bar team members offer a detailed proposal and kindness to detail for the special event. Twin Nails And Lovely Lashes is an ideal selection for brides. This superb nail spa greetings its doors to visitors who wish great, calm, and fun stuff for their nails. 

Nail Salon Hours: Mon – Sat( 9:30 am – 7:30 pm), Sun (10:00 am – 6:00 pm)

Services: Manicure & Pedicure, Eyelash Service, Waxing

Phone: (323) 666-3899

Website: http://twinnail.com/

8. Sweetley Nails

Quality specialized nail facilities at a hygienic and spacious nail bar. They have brilliant and inventive specialists transporting superior services. The products they use are from quality and trusted markets. Their facilities contain waxing, manicures, pedicures, and facials. They sterilize their utensils and kit before and after use.

Besides, customers have complimentary bottled water with hot tea. There are also offered gift credentials. Walk-in clients are long-awaited to avail of their facilities. Furthermore, they have nail concerns with classic spa, VIP Spa, manicures, and pedicures.

Services: Nail Services, Waxing, Facial

Nail Salon Hours:Β Mon & Sat (11 am – 7:30 pm), Sun (11 am – 5 pm)

Phone: 323-462-3711

Website: http://sweetleynailslosangeles.com/

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