8 Best Barbershops in Dallas, Texas – Updated January 2023

We researched over 50 barbershops in Dallas, and out of those, we selected a few top barbershops in the city. We selected these barbershops from Dallas city based on their reviews, ratings, history, complaints, cost, customer satisfaction, etc. Our research team used more than 50 such key points to make this list.

Decent Men’s Salon gives an experience unlike any other, whether you require a beard trim, shave, facial, or men’s haircut. They can create delicate lines and curves as well as complicated cuts. It offers beard grooming services, including a hot lather and a towel.

They shave heads and give traditional haircuts to men and women of various hair types. I’ve developed a list of three popular and great barbershops based on my visit. To experiences with numerous barbershops in Dallas, Texas.

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1. Kutinfed Barbershop


Kutinfed is a Dallas-based barbershop that has young, experienced, and professional barbers. When you come to Kutinfed for a haircut, you will understand why customers say the barbers are hair gamers. Visit the shop after making an appointment. Enjoy the clean and professional barbershop atmosphere. You will also enjoy music while getting your service.

Free cold refreshments, a cologne sample bar, a cell phone charger station, and other amenities are available to customers. Kutinfed barbers are actual professionals who are dedicated to offering the highest quality services in a professional setting. Light fades, bald fades, tapers, afros, texturizers, razor shaves, and facials are among their specializations. Kutinfed works by appointment only, so you’ll never be left waiting.

Address: 6514 Skillman St, Dallas, TX 75231

Phone: 214-517-8741

Open Hours: Tue – Fri (9am – 6pm), Sat (9am – 3pm), Sun & Mon (Closed)

Website: http://kutinfed.com

Overall Ratings: 4.7/5

2. Scissors & Scotch


Scissors & Scotch barbershop is the grooming experience that every guy deserves. Combining traditional barbering and advanced spa treatments with your favorite drinking establishment. Relax, unwind, and be groomed before enjoying a beverage, coffee, or cool beer in their private lounge. Scissors and Scotch are their names. Scissors, as in haircutting.

Scotch, as in alcoholic beverages. Because they are more than a barbershop, every grooming session includes an invitation to drink in their private lounge. You’ll find the friendly, talented people at Scissors & Scotch. As well as an astonishing array of grooming services and a well-stocked bar. Cleansing shampoo and conditioning treatment, Rejuvenating heated towel treatment, and back of neck razor shave.

Address: 100 Crescent Ct #150, Dallas, TX 75201

Website: https://dallas.scissorsscotch.com

Phone: 469-206-0394

Open Hours: Mon – Thu (10am – 8pm), Fri & Sat (9am – 7pm), Sun (11am – 7pm)

Website: https://dallas.scissorsscotch.com

Overall Ratings: 4.9/5

3. Str8 Choppin Barber Shop


Since 2010, STR8 CHOPPIN Barbershop has been working for its customers. Their barbers give world-class haircuts and shaves. Their stylists give the most up-to-date haircut services including colors and looks. They’re noted for their vintage barbershop ambiance and a flawless blend of modern and classic shave and cut styling. Professional barbers who have undergone significant training and have perfected practically every style are available. Whether you prefer a vintage, modern, or classic style, this is the perfect shop to visit.

Hairstyle & Cut- Every haircut and shave is done with style and precision. After you’ve completed it, you’ll feel and look fresh. Classic Shave- A hot towel treatment and pre-shave lotion are used to provide a close and comfortable shave. Moustache or Beard Trim- Beards and mustaches are fashionable. They will make sure that style looks better than ever.

Address: 10720 Miller Rd #228, Dallas, TX 75238

Phone: 214-497-7065

Open Hours: Tue – Fri (9am – 7pm), Sat (9am – 5pm), Sun (9am – 3pm), Mon (11am – 3 pm)

Website: http://str8choppin.com

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

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