8 Best Barber Shops in Toronto, Canada

For many men, a visit to the barber shop is a crucial component of their grooming routine. A nice haircut or beard trim can do more than just make you look better; it can also give you a confidence boost and help you unwind. There is a wide variety of barber shops to choose from in Toronto, providing everything from traditional haircuts to trendy new trends.

Nevertheless, with so many options available, finding the proper barber shop can be tough. That’s why we’ve produced a list of the 8 greatest barber shops in Toronto, Canada. These barbershops are well-known for the quality of their service, the expertise of their barbers, and the enjoyable experience they offer customers.

Thus, whether you’re searching for a classic cut or a new style, you’re sure to discover the appropriate barber shop in Toronto. Read on to find the top 8 best barber shops in Toronto.

1. Fade Room

Address: 475A Rogers Rd, York, ON M6M 1B2, Canada

Website: http://www.faderoom.com

Contact: 416-901-6506

Overall Rating: 5.0/5

Fade-Room-1 Fade-Room-2 Fade-Room-3 Fade-Room-4 Fade-Room-5
Fade-Room-6 Fade-Room-7 Fade-Room-8 Fade-Room-9 Fade-Room-10 Fade-Room-11 Fade-Room-12
  • Cut: $60+ (45 minutes)
  • Beard/Shave: $60+ (45 minutes)
  • Kid’s Cut (12 and under): $45 (45 minutes)
  • Cut+Beard/Shave | Combo: $90 (1 Hour 30 minutes)
  • Cut + Beard/shave | Founder: $120 (1 Hour 30 minutes)
  • Cut + Artistic Design: $120 (1 Hour 30 minutes)
  • Cut + Artistic Design + Beard/shave: $180 (2 Hour 15 minutes)

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Fade Room is a barbershop that specializes in classic haircuts, beards, and straight razor shaves with a hot towel. The experienced Fade Room barbers provide a full-service barbering experience. Each service is arranged to the customer’s specific orders.

Heated towels with eucalyptus oil are included in all services to wash and balance the skin’s natural oils. Children under the age of 12 are eligible for children’s services. You can also have your choice of Cut + Artistic Design. Barbers demonstrate not just their professionalism, but also their culture and real enthusiasm.

Make a reservation for any of their services. After receiving a haircut, you will feel better about yourself. The staff at this location believes that learning is developing and that consistency in work and service is essential. The people that live here are courteous. This shop is incredibly clean, and they make sure that all COVID-19 protection is in place.

2. Manstop

Address: 71 Duncan St, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z4, Canada

Phone: 647-780-1111

Website: http://manstop.ca

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Manstop-7 Manstop-8 Manstop-9 Manstop-10 Manstop-11 Manstop-12 Manstop-13 Manstop-14
  • Haircut: $40+
  • Buzz: $30+
  • Beard Trim: $22+
  • Shave: $45+
  • Haircut & Beard Trim: $55+
  • Buzz & Beard Trim: $48+
  • Haircut & Shave: $75+
  • Apprentice: By appointment only: $28+
  • Touch-up (Lineups and other small details): $15+
  • Wash (Add a shampoo and wash to your haircut): $5+

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For busy city dwellers looking for well-executed haircuts and beard trims, this is a delightfully comfortable barbershop. Haircut, Buzz, Beard Trim, Shave, Haircut & Beard Trim, Buzz & Beard Trim, Haircut & Shave, Apprentice.

If you want to look decent and get a hairdo from a trained barber, go to Manstop. The grooming experience that every guy needs is provided by this barbershop, which mixes traditional barbering with advanced spa treatments. They are actual professionals that are dedicated to delivering high-quality services in a professional environment. Whether you prefer antique, modern, or classic style, this is a terrific shop to visit. Schedule your service appointments.

3. Crows Nest Barbershop

Address: 2 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2J7, Canada

Phone: 647-346-4333

Website: http://www.crowsnestbarbershop.com

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Crows-Nest-Barbershop-1 Crows-Nest-Barbershop-2 Crows-Nest-Barbershop-3 Crows-Nest-Barbershop-4 Crows-Nest-Barbershop-6 Crows-Nest-Barbershop-7 Crows-Nest-Barbershop-8 Crows-Nest-Barbershop-9 Crows-Nest-Barbershop-10 Crows-Nest-Barbershop5
  • Cut: $25 – $45 (30min – 45min)
  • Cut & Shave: $100+ (1h 30min – 1h 45min)
  • Beard Trim: $40 (30min – 45min)
  • Haircut & Beard Trim: $80 (1h – 1h 30min)

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Crows Nest Barbershop began in a basement in Toronto’s Kensington Market. They grew from one shop to a larger shop, to two shops, to three shops, and so on, in an organic way. After a new hair appointment with a comprehensive haircut and grooming treatment, the specialists here make you look and feel great.

Whether you have curly, straight, thin, or thick hair, they are known to give you a new, striking style. Give your hair the love it deserves and flaunt your new look.

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