8 Best Barber Shops in Phoenix, AZ – Updated January 2023

Are you looking for a barber who can cut your hair as you like or any other grooming service you want? Well, It’s very hard to find a good barber shop when you need theΒ best grooming service. So, after reviewing customer reviews andΒ analyzing the market,Β we have made a list of theΒ Best Barber shopsΒ in Phoenix, Arizona.

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8. POP’S Barber Shop

Overall Rating: 4.9/5


Pop’s barber shop is a famous salon in phoenix known for its excellent customer service and quality haircuts. With an overall rating of 4.9, the salon provides top-of-the-line quality haircuts and other grooming services. They provide services such as Hot towel shave, regular cuts, beard trimming, skin fades, etc. 

Their service fee starts from $5 for designs and continues to increase depending upon the size and pattern difficulty of the service. The salon also gives a discount of $4 for Military people, Police, firefighters. Pop’s barbershop remains open 6 days a week. They also provide accessibilities such as wheelchair-accessible entrance etc. 

Due to covid-19, the salon is focusing more on the health and safety of the customer. The customer has to book an appointment to enjoy the service. They also need to wear a mask and follow social distancing regulations.

Website: https://www.popsbarber.com

Address: 9614 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Phone: (602) 944-2272

Services & Pricing:

  • Regular Cut: $25
  • Skin Fade: $30
  • Haircut With Beard Trim & Lineup: $40
  • Kids Cut (Under 12): $20
  • Kids Skin Fade: $25
  • Hot Towel Face Shave: $25
  • Designs: $5 (Prices vary depending on size & difficulty)
  • Beard Trim/Line Up: $16
  • Active Military, Police & Fire: $4 Off on any service


7. Shave & Fade

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Shave & Fade

Shave & Fade is a famous modernized old-school barber shop serving residents in Phoenix, Arizona, since 2018. The salon offers a range of grooming services such as haircuts, shaves, etc. They are the third generation of barbers in their family and are exceptionally known across the US. 

The barbers in the salon are known for providing world-class service to the customers and are professionally skilled. Shave & Fade also offers. Wheelchair accessible entrance and complimentary wash Style, Hot-towel-massage, and shoulder rub. Their service fee starts from $10 for hairline cleanup, crew cut/buzz cut for $18, etc. Customers can either walk in or book an appointment to enjoy the services.

Website & Appointment: https://shaveandfade.com

Address: 3226 E Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Phone: (602) 404-6440

Working Hours: Mon – Fri (8 am – 6 pm), Sat ( 9 am – 5 pm), Sun (9 am – 4 pm)

Services & Pricing:

  • Beard Trim: $10 (15 min)
  • Little Gentleman: $16 (20 min)
  • Crew Cut / Buzz-Cut (head shave with clippers): $18 (20 min)
  • Father & Son: $35 (40 min)
  • Groom & Event Package: $60 (1 hour)
  • Haircut: $20 (20 min)
  • Hairline Clean up: $10 (15 min)
  • Head Shave: $25 (35 min)
  • Royal Shave: $25 (30 min)
  • Senior Special: $16 (20 min)
  • Cut & Shave Special: $45 (35 min)
  • Facial & Massage: $20 (15 min)


6. Matt’s Barber Parlor

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Matt's Barber Parlor

Matt’s barber parlor is a unique salon serving customers in Dowell Road, Phoenix. The salon is superb for the environment and interior. There is an accumulation of different collectible items such as a collection of books, toys, video games, decor items, etc. Matt’s Barber Parlor looks like a movie set. Customers from all around the world are always eager to get a haircut from here. 

They also provide facilities such as video games, movies, and they also give snacks to eat for customers who are waiting for their turn. Their shop works on a first-come, first-serve basis, and they only accept cash payments. Their service fee starts from $35 for a haircut and goes up to $50 for a shave. They also provide facilities such as a private parking lot, gender-neutral toilet, etc. The customer has to walk in to enjoy their service.

Website: Not Available

Address: 115 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: (602) 254-2753

Working Hour: Mon – Thu (8 am – 10 pm), Fri (10 am – 10 pm), Sat & Sun (10 am – 8 pm)


5. The Local and Barber Shop

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

The Local and Barber Shop Phoenix

The local Barber and shop is an old-school style barbershop in Phoenix established in 2015. Since then, They are serving the people of Uptown, phoenix, with utmost care and detailed grooming services and have an overall rating of 4.9 on Google. This barbershop has a young professional staff that focuses on giving the best customer service. 

The local Barber and shop offer a wide variety of services such as beard trim, haircut, steam facial, hot leather massage, hot towel massage, etc. They are veterans who used to serve in the army and are also identified as women-led and LGBTQ-friendly. Their service fee starts from $10 for an eyebrow, 30 dollars for a haircut,$30 for a hot shave, etc. 

Here, they also offer accessibilities such as car parking, wheelchair-accessible entrance, wheelchair-accessible toilets, gender-neutral toilets, etc. They also provide complimentary drinks such as beer, water, and other beverages. Due to covid-19, customer has to book an appointment to get their service.

Website: https://www.thelocalbarberandshop.com

Address: 5813 N 7th St #101, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: (602) 710-1749

Working Hours: Tue – Fri (10 am – 8 pm), Sat (10 am – 4 pm), Sun & Mon (Closed)

Services & Pricing:

  • Haircut: $30 (40 min)
  • Buzzcut: $20 (20 min)
  • Hot Shave: $30 (40 min)
  • Beard Trim: $20 (20 min)
  • Kid’s Cut: $23 (30 min)
  • Eyebrows: $10 (10 min)


4. Pikasso Barber Shop

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Pikasso Barber Shop Phoenix

Pikasso barber shop in phoenix, Arizona, is a licensed barbershop providing a top-notch experience to customers since 1980. Staff working in the shop are experts in their field, provide clean and detailed grooming service, and specialize in all kinds of grooming services. They use high-quality products and advanced hair cutting techniques to provide a top-of-the-class experience to the customer. 

They have a great variety of haircuts, hot towel massage, razor shave, etc. Their service fee starts from $4 for shampoo and goes up to $65 for the whole 9 yards combo. Pikasso barbershop is LGBTQ Friendly, and they offer wheelchair-accessible lifts, entrances, car parks, toilets, gender-neutral toilets, etc. The customer has to book an appointment to enjoy their service.

Website: https://pikassobarbershop.com

Address: 914 E Camelback Rd #8, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: (602) 265-1556

Working Hour: Mon – Sat (9 am – 7 pm), Sun (10 am – 5 pm)

Services: Quality Haircuts, Razor Shaves, Beard Trimming, Mustache Trims, Hot Towel & Massage, Scissor Haircuts, Hot Towel Shaves, Clean Cut


  • Regular Haircut: $27
  • Regular Haircut with Beard Trim: $40
  • Flat Top: $27
  • The Combo Haircut & Shave: $48
  • Combo Head Shave & Beard Trim Hot Towel: $40
  • Hot Towel Royal Old Style Shave: $28
  • Beard Trim: $17
  • Head Razor Shave: $28
  • Face Mask: $22
  • Tune-Up: $15
  • Shampoo: $5
  • Whole 9 Yards: $68
  • Goatee Trim: $10


3. Ace of Fades Executive Barbershop

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Ace of Fades Executive Barber shop Phoenix

Ace of fades executive barbershop is a modernized traditional barber shop in Phoenix which is specialized in quality haircuts and beard grooming. Their sources state that this business started in 2015, and since then, they are serving the people of phoenix. The salon remains open 6 days a week and offers a great variety of grooming services such as beard trim, buzz cut, curly haircut. 

They also accept Android pay and credit cards and are LGBTQ-friendly.  Ace of Fades Executive Barbershop has professional staff, famous for clean grooming and social-friendly services, and has a television for customers. The salon also provides in-person visits, wheelchair-accessible entrance, toilet, and gender-neutral toilet, and customers can either walk-in or book an appointment to enjoy their service.

Website: Not Available

Address: 3201 N 16th St #3&4, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Phone: (602) 264-4634

Working Hours: Tue – Fri (10 am – 5:30 pm), Sat (9 am – 4:30 pm), Sun & Mon (Closed)


2. Uptown Barbershop

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Uptown Barber shop Phoenix

Uptown barbershop is a classical type of barber shop in Phoenix and was established in 2001. Since then, they have been offering grooming services in Phoenix, Arizona. This salon is fully licensed and well known for the outstanding services provided by them. They offer various services such as straight shaves, hot towel shaves, traditional shaves, military cut, classic look, flat tops, tapered cut, etc. 

Their rates are competitive, and the barbers are trained to work with every type of hair and have a decade of experience. Uptown barbershop also accepts credit cards, and their service fee starts from $9 for Goatee and god’s up to $75 for an uptown special. Customers have to book an appointment to enjoy the service.

Website: https://phoenixuptownbarbershop.com

Address: 1515 E Bethany Home Rd #170, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: (602) 230-2406

Working Hours: Mon – Fri (9 am – 6 pm), Sat (9 am – 5 pm), Sun (10 am – 4:30 pm)

Services & Pricing

  • Haircut & Beard Combo: Price Varies (55 min)
  • Men’s Haircut: $24 (25 min)
  • Kids Haircut: $20 (20 min)
  • Senior Cut: $20 (20 min)
  • Big A$$ Beard: $20 (20 min)
  • Buzz Cut: $17 (20 min)
  • Goatee: $9 (10 min)
  • Uptown Special: $75 (1 hr 15 min)
  • Men’s Specialty: $28 (30 min)
  • Beard Trim & Shave: $25 (25 min)
  • 2 Kids Cut: $40 (45 min)
  • 3 Kids Cut: $60 (1 hr)
  • Edge Up: $10 (10 min)
  • Shaped Beard: $20 (20 min)
  • Straight Razor Shave: $30 (25 min)
  • Peel of Face Mask: $30 (30 min)


1. Vlad’s Barbershop

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Vlad's Barber shop Phoenix

In Phoenix, Arizona, Vlad’s barbershop is a classical-style barber shop with an overall rating of 4.8 on Google. The salon has a professional staff, a friendly atmosphere, and a perfectly organized interior. They offer a variety of grooming services such as hotel shave, men’s haircut, etc. 

They charge $18 for a beard trim, $25 for a hot towel shave, $33 for men’s/women’s long haircut, etc. Vlad’s barbershop also accepts credit card payments and provides private lot parking for bikes, wheelchair-accessible entrance, free WiFi, etc. The customer has to book an appointment to enjoy their service.

Website: http://vladsbarbershop.com

Address: 2211 W Camelback Rd UNIT 115, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Phone: (602) 396-7217

Working Hour: Mon – Sat (9:30 am – 6:30 pm), Sun (9:3 am – 4:30 pm)

Services & Pricing

  • Men’s Regular Haircut: $27 (25 min)
  • Men’s Long Haircut: $33 (25 min)
  • Flat Top: $27 (25 min)
  • Head Shave: $27 (25 min)
  • Beard Trim & Line Up: $18 (25 min)
  • Boy’s Regular Haircut: $25 (25 min)
  • Boy’s Long Haircut: $27 (25 min)
  • Women’s Short Haircut: $27 (25 min)
  • Women’s Long Haircut: $33 (25 min)


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