Try These June Nail Art Designs to Brighten Your Day

1. Orange Creamsicle

This classic summer color is perfect for a fun and carefree mani.

2. Neon Coral

This bright and bold color is perfect for making a statement.

3. Mint Green

This light and pretty shade is ideal for a summer manicure.

4. Baby Blue

A mani in this breezy shade would be ideal for a trip to the beach.

5. Pastel Pink

This gentle pink is ideal for a romantic manicure.

6. Subtle Sparkle

Nails with a subtle shimmer are ideal for a party or formal event.

The negative space between your nails is an attractive design feature.

7. Negative Space

8. French Tips

These timeless patterns suit any occasions. Try a white or colored french tip for a distinctive style.

9. Ombre Nails

Ombrรฉ nail patterns offer depth. Try a light-to-dark or color-to-color ombrรฉ.

10. Geoode Nail

No matter what the occasion, geode nails are sure to turn heads.