Katy Perry regularly wears apparel inspired by inanimate objects at her concerts, Las Vegas residency, and 2016 Super Bowl performance.

Perry's latest campy outfit featured a huge flower-shaped halter top that followed the corsage appliquΓ© trend popularised by Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa.

The singer uploaded an Instagram carousel of selfies from American Idol on Monday, wearing a hot pink structured silk flower halter top with a rhinestone strap and waist embellishment.

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Perry teamed the avant-garde shirt with high-waisted lime green sequin slacks for added impact.

Perry hoisted herself up on the arms of her white chair behind the judges' table while her makeup artist, Michael Anthony, took two photos of her throwing up a peace sign and making a duck face before showing off her pearly whites.

Perry is a mother of Daisy Dove Bloom and a fiancΓ©e to Orlando Bloom.

The actor recently discussed Hollywood relationship issues. "Our pools are different. My pool and her pool may not be understood by each other "told Flaunt. "Sometimes it's really hard. Honestly."

"We definitely battle with our emotions and creativity," he said, "[But] I think we're both conscious of how privileged we are to have been bonded in the way that we did at the time that we did, and there's absolutely never a dull moment."