Father's Day Traditions Around the World

Germany celebrates "Vatertag" (Father's Day) with hiking and outdoor sports. A "Father's Day tour" with carts of food and beverages is common.

1. Germany

Mexico celebrates Father's Day with music and parties. Children give their dads handcrafted cards and presents during a special supper.

2. Mexico

"Chichi no Hi"β€”Father's Day in Japanβ€”is observed on the third Sunday of June. Fathers are thanked with ties and handkerchiefs.

3, Japan

Father's Day in Thailand, known as "Wan Phor," is King Bhumibol Adulyadej's birthday. The late king's color, yellow, is worn by families on Father's Day.

4. Thailand

The first Sunday in September is Father's Day in Australia. Children give their dads cards and presents during barbecues, fishing vacations, and athletic events.

5. Australia

Brazil celebrates Father's Day on August's second Sunday. Children surprise their dads with handcrafted crafts and thoughtful presents at holiday feasts.

6. Brazil

South African Father's Day emphasizes family. Children may cook or bake for their dads at family dinners. It also honors community fathers.

7. South Africa

Father's Day is growing in India. Family dinners and special trips are common. Children show their affection through presents and notes.

8. India

On the second Sunday in November, Sweden celebrates "Fars dag," or Father's Day. It includes breakfast in bed, children giving their dads handmade cards and presents, and family time.

9. Sweden

The third Sunday of June is when we honor our fathers on Father's Day. Fathers are celebrated with cards, presents, and family time.

10. United States

The third Sunday of June is "FΓͺte des PΓ¨res," France's Father's Day. Fathers get homemade or inexpensive gifts from children. Families often share special meals.

11. France

Russia celebrates "Defender of the Fatherland Day" on February 23rd. Fathers and military men are honored.

12. Russia

Argentina celebrates Father's Day on June 3. Fathers get cards, presents, and affection from their children during family meals and barbecues.Β 

13. Β Argentina

Spanish Father's Day, "DΓ­a del Padre," is commemorated on March 19th, the Feast of Saint Joseph. Families celebrate dads with dinners and trips.

14. Spain

May 8th is South Korean Parent's Day. Fathers are especially honored on this day. Children typically thank their dads by offering roses, doing charitable actions, or taking them out for a special lunch.

15. South Korea