14 Classy and Simple Short Hairstyles for Women over 50

Due of its easiness and playfulness, older ladies love pixie cuts. Choppy layers provide texture and complexity to the classic cut, keeping your appearance young.

1. Blonde Pixie Cut

Expert layering is the only technique to shape short women's hairstyles. Flipping the ends with a big barrel curling iron gives straight hair body.

2. Bouncy Bob

3. Mature Short Layered Cut

Short hairstyles for women are low-maintenance. No more lost hair ties. The short cut is sassy and indicates that style always comes first, regardless of age.

Silver hair is beautiful in old age. Millennials like it. Tease those beautiful feathery layers to create drama.

4. Voluminous Gray Pixie Cut

As they age, older women's faces soften. An angled cut emphasizes a pointy chin and sharpens curving edges.

5. Angled Ash Blonde Cut

Older ladies may benefit from gray hairstyles. Platinum hairstyles hide gray, so you don't need to touch up.

6. Layered Platinum Bob

A flattering bob for older women? Rounded bobs are timeless and elegant. Blow-drying with a round brush creates a tall crown.

7. Rounded Bob with Stacked Nape

For older ladies, the pixie cut is a popular short style. This is because it helps thicken up fine hair and gives it a natural, undone look.

8. Choppy Blonde Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Women can rock the manly undercut as well as guys. With a long, straight top and blonde highlights, it's feminine.

9. Angled Undercut Hairstyle

Feathered hairstyles give short, dull hair a smooth, flowing appeal. They give your hair depth and are simple to maintain.

10. Short Voluminous Feathered Hairstyle

Who says middle-aged women can't have punk-inspired hairstyles? The layered pixie with textured bangs is a simple but bold style that works well with straight hair.

11, Layered Pixie with Textured Bangs

While the bob is a classic hairstyle, there are many ways to personalize it. Cut your hair at an angle for drama.

12, Wispy Silver Bob

The pixie cut, made famous by Audrey Hepburn and Anne Hathaway, is beautiful and casual. Updating the previous style helps.ย 

13. Pure Blonde Ambition

Burn the rulebook. Fun, trendy hair is no longer for kids. Whatever your age, experiment with your short haircut.

14. Short Messy Lilac Hairstyle