10 Trendy Long Layered Bob Haircuts You Must Try

1. Blunt long layered bob

This hairstyle is somewhat longer than the shoulders and features blunt tips. Women with thick hair will love this style.

2. A-line long layered bob

This style is distinguished by its lengthy, A-line layers. It's a fantastic option for ladies with fine hair.

3. Shaggy long layered bob

This cut is characterized by lengthy, choppy layers. For ladies who want a less formal look, this is a fantastic option.

4. Lob with curtain bangs

A long bob with curtain bangs describes this style. Women looking for a fresh and fashionable hairdo might choose this option.

5. Wavy long layered bob

This style is a long bob with layers of loose waves. Women who want more delicate and delicately feminine hairstyles might choose this option.

6. Straight long layered bob

This style is a long bob cut with sleek layers. This design is perfect for people who want to seem put together and chic.

7. Long layered bob with side part

It's a long bob cut with a portion on the side. It's perfect for fashionable ladies who want tried-and-true hairstyles.

8. Long layered bob with choppy layers

This style is a long bob cut with short layers. Women looking for something fresh and new in their hairstyles would love this option.

9. Long layered bob with balayage

The stylists used balayage highlights to create this long bob. To give your hair depth and character, this is the perfect option for ladies.

10. Long layered bob with a lob

This is an extended lob cut. It's a fantastic option for ladies who desire a cut they can wear in many different ways.